GSL is a well-trusted family-owned private company since 2004. dried fruit and nuts supplier, is covering five continents with the most premium quality of Raisins, Sultanas, Dates and Dates’ products, Saffron, and Pistachios…


As part of our responsibility and commitments we design safety and sustainability into our products and manufacturing processes, we handpick products harvested at their best. Every GSL product goes through multiple stages of quality checks and ensures that only the best one is available for consumers


We maintain fully automated plants and factories with proper quality control systems, taking every precaution that the quality of our goods is FIRST CLASS.We always believe in commitment of delivering best quality product


Investments in manpower, training, quality culture, research and development, plant, and equipment over the last 5 years has already resulted in a substantial increase in sales and the elimination of quality issues. Now GSL is the leader in supplying the FIRST CLASS quality of dried fruit & nuts to the globe.

Our wide variety of Laser Sorter, X-Ray Scanner, Metal detector and Hand-Picked products meet the highest quality standards which help us to offer excellent services to our international clients all around the world.

We focus on QUALITY, SAFETY, LEGALITY, and INTEGRITY. Customer satisfaction is the key to success. Following tractability rules and comprehensive implemented tractability system, presence of knowledge-based quality experts let us claim that all GSL products are traceable from farm to fork.

Future quality actions and trend analysis of corrective and preventive actions besides the several risks assessment on the process are all the basis of continuous improvement and our quality assurance department concerns.

It’s important to us that we adequately address the needs of our clients and therefore, we must demonstrate our diligent compliance with legislation and good practice. This we achieve in the following ways:

Clients can be confident that every move is undertaken and audited as per the highest standards and regulations.

We supply to an agreed signed specification which includes a reference to food safety legislation, combined if necessary with certificates of conformity to the agreed specification. Our supplies in conformance with specifications are backed up by production documentation that is both accurate and meaningful.

If any doubt still remains please feel free to contact our QA department on:


At GSL. we believe that success depends on the supply of high-quality products that meet and exceed customer and consumer expectations of our brand products. Fundamental to this is the responsibility to ensure the quality and food safety of all the products we manufacture and export. For meeting this aim, improving the quality of Product and safety practices can strengthen production process, improve staff performance, and accelerate attainment of Sustainability Development Goals. GSL organization has a duty to inform all personnel’s prior to the effective date of new or revised policies, procedures and methods. Failure to do so may cause a staff member to follow an outdated policy, procedures or methods. To protect the organization from any non-conformities, production documents are reviewed regularly during each working shift startup.


GSL allows customers to design their packaging based on their interest, print their desired name, logo, address or anything else according to their need.

Let the globe to get familiar with your brand story and make impressive impressions through GSL’s custom-designed packaging.

We provide one stop solution to any buyer
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