Buttermilk Powder

Features of the product:
  • Protein in SNF min 33%
  • Uniform fat content (Fat min 7%)
  • Good emulsifying properties
  • It contains no additives, flavors or preservatives
Suggested uses: For human consumption and food industries


Specifications with butter milk powder

Buttermilk powder is manufactured by spray drying, which is derived from the manufacture of sweet cream butter products. Our products and ingredients are tested throughout the supply chain, from farm to final product release, using international recognized test methods to verify quality and compliance. Our products and ingredients are packed in food grade packaging for protection and be traced with the serial numbers inserted on the package.


  • 25 kg pack, inside polyethylene bag, outside composite bag
  • Without any staples or metallic fasteners
  • Net Weight: 25kg

Storage and shelf life:

  • Keep in cool and dry place (below 20°C)

Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacture