Tail fats for export produced by GSLfood
GSLfood is fully prepared to offer services to its esteemed customers with more than 10 years of experience in processing, packaging, and exporting sheep tail fats, mutton fats, beef fats and mutton offals, and export-grade tail fats in sanitary packages under the permits and licenses required.

GSLfood Export-Grade Tail Fat is a fully organic product rich in nutritional values, such as lowering blood cholesterol levels, enabling body to absorb cholesterol better compared to vegetable oils, and reducing weight. In addition, this product contains large amounts of nutrients, vegetable fatty acids, and vitamins, as sheep feeds on fodder and various plants. The consumption of tail fat oils fortifies body against diseases, builds bones, and detoxifies body. Sheep tail fat is intrinsically warm and it is widely used in the traditional medicine to treat a large number of diseases; it is also effective in treating depression, backache, and Sciatica Nerve pain, and making skin soft and clear.